Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not much going on here today, shopping delivered early for a change and only one item out of stock. Robynne's still feeling rough, we have that awfully sweating body smell in the air, she's thankful she has a bunged up nose and can't smell it. Shall try to encourage her to shower when she's feeling a little better, until then febreze.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fluff migration

The new cage for the chins arrived finally today and after a bit of fiddling around we got it all set up.

Then it took a little persuasion to get Squeak out of his old cage. None was needed with Tweak and Cupid as they had definitely outgrown the cage they were in. But, as it was just a nursing cage it was bound to happen.

Squeak is on his own at the moment but eventually when Cupid and he have gotten better acquainted then, our youngest little one will move in with his new roomie. We'll be getting another of these cages next month and then we'll be getting rid of the big monstrosity to the left of the picture. Eventually we will have 6 of these cages with only two chins in each - they have pop holes so that they can pop in and out of each side. - but, for the time being they are big enough to house 2 chins in each side.

Got the Asda shop sorted this morning so fingers crossed, no problems this time. Have also ordered some hair dye from Beeunique thanks to Nikki for the link to them, we'd been looking for a place that sold great hair colours and now we have found them. Really looking forward to them arriving and then getting our hair done. We have a few parties coming up in the next month so they should be fun.

We had intended to go and get Robynne's passport photo done today so that we could get her 16-25 railcard, but, she's not feeling so good right now, hopefully she'll not be feeling so bad tomorrow. Especially as we are meant to be going up to our Aunt's on Friday so that Robynne can show her how to use the Mac that we have sorted for her thanks to Jem. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it OK, Robynne will sort out a list of processes for her just in case. But, if not we'll have another Mac at home which is what were going to do anyway.

Been looking into shows to see for Robynne's birthday this year, looks like it's going to be Mamma Mia for sure. Tho' there are many more she and I want to see, so I guess we'll be doing those too eventually.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Odd day things

Andy's bank account got fixed so yay, after Asda rang he rang the bank and they delete the pending item. The odd thing is they could have done that it seems in the first place, but, every one he spoke to before couldn't do anything. Internet is "fixed" again so no engineer needed tomorrow, so they have cancelled that. Wonder how long the fix is going to last this time.

My nephew came back from spending the week at his dad's with his hair practically shaved again. It wouldn't matter so much if he liked it like that, but, poor kid wants to grow it and it had only just started to grow back again after the last time his dad decided to cut it for him.

Cat's still being weird and proclaiming her annoyance by messing where she shouldn't. Just when we think we have her figured out she changes tactics on us.

Andy's busy cooking dinner Spaghetti Bolognese with quorn for Robynne and myself and he's having chopped up sausages with his, because when he got his meat out of the fridge to cook it smelt and looked bad - we only got it weds from Asda so looks like we won't be doing that again.

Well guess that's it for odd things for today. Robynne and I watched Mamma Mia last night and again this afternoon thoroughly enjoyed it so looks like we'll be doing a trip up to see this at the theatre for her 18th in October. Still can't get over that, my baby, practically all grown.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Quiet day today, apart from having to get in touch with Asda because they have messed up taking payment from Andy's account for our shopping this week. Really need them to sort it out as it's going to cause a problem when he gets paid on Monday. They took one payment for the shopping we received and they've left a pending amount which the bank can't fix till they remove it. So poor Andy has been having a mild panic that he's going to lose half his money on Monday.

Oh and we've had power fluctuations with the internet again today, causing it to go off and on all day. It's very frustrating, but, hopefully they will get it sorted when they come round on Monday.

Oh and I finally remembered to reply to the consultation on Thursday nearly forgot, ended up doing Andy's reply as well. Wonder what they'll come up with now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do delivery drivers think were stupid?....

....... I'm damn sure the ones who deliver here do. As having stayed in all day, we ring to find they had called to deliver at 3pm and no one was in. I don't remember having an out of body experience today. Then they say that they delivered to a church in the road, which seemed even odder. Finally they said "oh the driver knows it's flats, but there was no access to your building"... I must have missed it when they built a 10 ft wall all around our flats. Oh and they asked for our phone no: so they can ring when they deliver again on ... Monday... I guess delivery people don't work on the weekend. I sure hope they aren't as big of idiots as all the different companies we have tried and failed to get to deliver us a new washing machine. Lets hope the cage etc arrives, because the chins to be rehoused have already did a Houdini last night and much as I love them waking up in the middle of the night to them nibbling on the bed head really isn't my idea of fun.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where did that day go...

... yesterday totally disappeared on me. OK no, it didn't, but, getting onto the computer proved a little difficult and that's my story and I'm sticking too it.

Robynne was having a couple of friends over yesterday so we were up early attempting to tidy up some before the guys arrived J rang about 12 he felt ill so wasn't coming, so a little grump and then back to tidying up. Then all of a sudden P turned up so to get out of tidying she grabbed him down town to help her pick out a present for A, who's having his birthday party today - have just realized something Robynne's friends has a higher ratio of guys... mmm should I be worried, well maybe later. - so Andy and I got back to the tidying only to be interrupted yet again. This time by a nice lady doing a survey of people in our building with children under 19 - something to do with accessing services that are available - felt sorry for her really as she'll have no hope of people in this building being helpful. Later when Robynne and P returned with a very interesting present for A - lets just say I'm glad that his parents have a sense of humour - Robynne was most surprised to find that I had let the survey woman in. I can see her point as I wouldn't normally do that, but, I guess I must have been looking for an excuse to put off the tidying. Anyway the survey lady left and we finished off just enough that it could be left for later - tho' when that will be I don't know - and Andy and P played Wii games for the next few hours.

We had Andy's homemade pizza's for tea, he brings a whole new meaning to "Fully Loaded" with them lol. Robynne spent a while making some emotes for msn and then made a card for A. Movies were watched, pizza's eaten then time for bed.

This morning Robynne went off and caught the 11am bus to Chelmsford, to be met by her bf S and then there going to the monthly H.E. meeting before going off to A's, she'll be home sometime tomorrow.

P was dragged off by Andy to play a PS2 game, until it was time for him to leave. Unfortunately he couldn't stay too long as he had to get home to his mum, she was recently misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer's but thankfully after further tests it's only mild Dementia, which as long as she looks after herself shouldn't be too bad. Which in a way has helped P to appreciate her a little more and I think they may be getting on a little better now than they had been.

Oh Tuesday night Robynne informed me that she wanted to go to college in Chelmsford, she can't remember which one it is, but, her friend M already goes there and it looks like a few of her other friends will probably be going there next year too. Also they do Japanese at this college, which is a major bonus as she has been wanting to learn that for a while now and the nearest place we had found before was an evening course in London. So the plan is to find out which College it is, get a prospectus and see what courses etc they do. She doesn't want to go till next year, but, we'll need to get it sorted out, she's still planning to do the GCSE's at the Southend Adult College this Sept. I was thinking OK with going to Chelmsford, as it's not too far and she can go there and back by train everyday. Though that's not the plan, Robynne wants to move to Chelmsford. I was well lets say surprised, but, not as surprised as her when after a few deep breaths and a little panic I agreed with her. Robynne told me that she had been thinking about it for a little while, but, was worried how I would react and had said anything in her words she expected me to go "Ape sh**". Well considering everytime she had every talked about moving the places she wanted to go where Scotland, America and Japan. I can cope fairly well with her being an hour away in Chelmsford. Though I did say that I thought I wouldn't see her that often what with almost all her friends being in Chelmsford she'd never want to come home, she patted me on the head - grr - and told me I was a silly as that would never happen. We talked about the practicalities etc of moving away and then she went off to bed only to find that Sox had just left her a very unwanted present in her bed. After a Little ranting at the darn cat and clearing up, Robynne turned round and said "I think she's mad at me for daring to talk about moving out". Personally I think the cat's just mad, that Robynne forgot to clean her litter tray. Anyway Robynne ended up sleeping in with me as she didn't want to sleep in her room.

I am actually a little weirded out by her wanting to move out, but, she's growing up and it's time for her to go out and do what she wants to do. It's not that I want to keep her my little girl for ever, well OK I would love to keep her my little girl. But, that's just crazy obsessive talk and well frankly that's not great and well I have known that this would happen sometime, I just hoped it wouldn't be yet. Ah well life has to go on and I need to go do some more washing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, I finally gave in and changed this blog over to the new customizable layout, didn't realize when I started how long it would take me - almost 2 hours - but, it's done now. The only thing I'm going to have to do now is change the Sewing Friend link picture, as you won't fail to notice it's the wrong size and well it might mean that Robynne might get my new logo finished soon then I won't have to mess around and resize the old one.

Today wasn't quite as productive as I had intended, I meant to go down to both the Council and the Housing offices today to finally get everything changed over name wise, and also get sorted out so that we get onto the transfer/mutual exchange lists. Ah well shall do it tomorrow, I did get the grocery shopping done online and to tally with what we had to spend for the week, which means Andy only has to nip into town for a couple of items. Mind you Robynne will have to put it all away and check it when it arrives tomorrow as I plan to get the jobs done that I meant to do today.

I did get Robynne booked onto the course that she wanted to do down at the Adult Learning College, it's a 10 week course on Psychology Forensics. Not my cup of tea, but, it's something she's interested in. Later this week we'll nip down to the Community College and get her sorted for the courses that she wants to do next.

So since I decided yesterday to stop looking backwards and to get on with forward planning, I worked out a plan for getting the Chins all sorted into new cages, we have a new one arriving sometime this week, and we shall be getting a few more, but I worked out that getting just one more for the time being means not only can we get rid of the old bulky cages, but that Robynne won't have to have the tall cage in her room. Eventually this one is going to be fitted out as a play cage and they will all at separate times get to make use of it.

I shall also get on with finishing off all the items that I want to put up for sale and get on with making more. I need to learn to manage my time a little better, have been spending far too long lately on fun projects which aren't going up for sale. Though I have been working on designs with Robynne for an interactive story quilt, which if it works could be a great idea and hopefully make us a bit of money.

I need to get more organized in general, I'm a terrible ditherer, I come up with plans and rarely follow through so this year I'm going to get things done. No more dithering, well maybe a little. We've talked about sorting the living room out, so that's going to be done next week have decided so if they don't like it tough.Next job will be too box up and catalogue all our books, videos etc and sort through all Robynne's old toys. Most of which are already boxed up under her bed, but, I know there are a few items that she wants rid of. I'm also going to sort out my only Sim Story blog soon and get some new stories written, just a bit of escapism, but, well we all need that sometimes. Oh and I must find a quilting/patchwork course to do, and I'm gonna dye my hair some fun colour haven't decided for sure what colour yet, but, it's going to be different lol.